Info Talk

When?Tuesday February 28th @ 6pm
Where?USIT Dublin office, 19-21 Aston Quay


Info Stand & Talk

When?Wednesday March 1st

Stand: Student Centre from 11am.
Talk: Quad Room 3-4pm.

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Returning Counsellors

Returning to camp? We can set you up with a visa and insurance if you’re going back to your camp from last year, even if you didn’t go with us before. You’ll negotiate your salary directly with your camp, so what you make depends on your camp.

Programme Fee

Book your flights with us - €299

Book your own flights - €399

What's included?

  • Visa sponsorship and assistance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • SEVIS and all postage fees
  • Garda vetting

What's not included?

  • Flights
  • Medical
  • US Embassy interview fee
  • Transportation to camp

Ways to Save!

  • Refer 2 friends: Save €50

    If you refer 2 friends for the Camp USA programme who haven’t been to camp before, we’ll knock €50 off the programme fee.