6 Steps to the Summer of Your Life!

1. Register

Register for the programme and make your €49 deposit. You can also call us on 01 602 1808 to ask us any questions about Camp USA, or send us an email at campusa@usit.ie. We could talk about camp all day... and we do. If you're curious about the programme, submit an enquiry here and we'll call you back.

2. Complete Your Application

After you’ve booked your place on the programme, we’ll send you a full application. It will take you about an hour to complete, and make sure to submit it to us within 2 weeks of booking! Once we’ve received it we’ll schedule an in-person interview. Tell us about yourself and why you are a perfect fit for summer camp!

3. Interview

You will interview with one of our specialists on the Camp USA Hiring Team. We will schedule a date/time that suits you and all we ask is that you are prepared & punctual for the interview! All of our Team have been to camp and will be able to answer any questions you have about the experience!

4. Placement

Once you have been successful with the interview, it's time for us to find the perfect camp for you! Keep an eye on your emails and your phone charged!

5. Orientation Day

Preparing for the summer can be daunting. Don't worry! Our Orientation Day is a great way to chat with other participants and get clear information about your US Embassy interview, travel, insurance and lots more.

6. Summer of Your Life!

It's time to pack your bags and head off on the greatest adventure of your life!

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