The summer of a lifetime

Two months working in the sunny outdoors, plus a month of US travel to go wherever the wind takes you. #livingthedream

A job that never feels like work

Get the role you're born to do - where you're appreciated, where you have fun and where your loud voice/ embarrassing laugh is actually encouraged!

The chance to learn new skills

And to remember ones you've forgotten you had. Remember when you were convinced you'd be a world-class actress? You've got the green light to wow on that stage.

Lifelong friends from all over the world

Meet your fellow counsellors from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more... handy if you ever need a place to crash while travelling!

Craic on tap

We mean banter. Of course. It's an experience fuelled by silliness, by acting like a big kid yourself and by having the time of your life. And actually getting paid for it!

No cash woes

We'll cover your return flights*, your insurance and your Sevis fee. Plus we'll give you a parting gift of up to $1200 to fund that epic road trip.

Camp USA

What To Expect From Camp USA

August 16th, 2018by Sarah Finegan
What To Expect From Camp USA


We caught up with Conor Bridgeman, a well versed Camp Counsellor, and he’s here to tell you everything you’ve wanted to know about Camp USA. Take it away Conor!

Firstly, I spent my summer in Vermont. Camp Killooleet to be exact.

In beautiful Hancock Vermont is where I spent two consecutive summers in a row. To say I had some of the best times of my life is an understatement. Camp has this amazing atmosphere that you know all about if you just talk to someone who was a counsellor there before. I won’t go on about that too much here. Instead, I’ll try give you an idea what it is like, besides the amazingly addictive atmosphere. So, what I find people ask the most about the summers there are what you do each day and what your schedule is. Let me give a general day for camp Killooleet and my roles.

A Day In The Life Of A Camp Counsellor

A general day starts when the bell, literally a giant bell, rings to wake you up for breakfast. After breakfast you do cabin clean up with the campers. You can make it fun though – we liked to sing cheesy songs or dance for our cabin clean up. Counsellors would have to check out how they did and make sure the campers did a good job, and one of the fun things we did with the campers was, as a final task before they could leave, that they would have to dance with a counsellor. This could turn out to be anything from break dancing to the hoe-down so it’s always entertaining! Next there will be two periods of activities with a break in between. Following this is a meal, then rest hour, followed by two more periods with a break in between and another meal. After this it is time for everyone to relax before the evening event happens.

My Role at Camp

Okay, now you know the general layout of a day. Now, onto my roles. So, I was a swim and music counsellor at camp Killooleet. As part of being a counsellor I had different responsibilities. As a general counsellor, I was assigned a cabin and was that cabin’s counsellor along with two others. All this means is you probably sleep in the same cabin as the kids, don’t worry you have your own sectioned off room, and will be the person they go to if they have issues first. Generally, you will get them to bed, take care of them during the day and do cabin clean up with them, and also prepare them for activities if they need help.

As a music counsellor it was my job to take care of the equipment, run the activity periods of music, encourage music all around camp, and to run the sings that generally happened once a week. Sings are so much fun – counsellors and campers would audition, and I would set up the running order making sure everyone knew songs well enough to perform or get them to that level.

Finally, I was also a swim counsellor. I would be assigned a cabin or two and work with them mainly and have periods with them on the lake where I had to improve their swimming abilities or just encourage them to be comfortable in the water. You judge the cabin and their attitude.

In Conclusion…

To end I will share one of my favourite activities at camp. On Sundays, we would have what was known as ‘Special Events’. This is exactly what you dream of as a kid. Simply put, it’s a camp wide Capture the Flag with two halves of camp against the other. I cannot emphasise enough how much fun this is. You would have to pay top dollar and book way in advance in order to do this anywhere else, if it was even available!

For just €699 you can book the Early Bird Special, which includes;

  • Return international flights*
  • J1 camp counsellor visa
  • An amazing job at camp
  • $800—$1200 take home pay
  • Food & accommodation

*Flights included are to Boston or New York. There may be a supplemental cost for flights to/from other cities.

If you think Camp USA is for you, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with the Camp team at USIT. You can do this by;

  • Email –
  • Phone – 01 602 1808
  • Website –


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