The summer of a lifetime

Two months working in the sunny outdoors, plus a month of US travel to go wherever the wind takes you. #livingthedream

A job that never feels like work

Get the role you're born to do - where you're appreciated, where you have fun and where your loud voice/ embarrassing laugh is actually encouraged!

The chance to learn new skills

And to remember ones you've forgotten you had. Remember when you were convinced you'd be a world-class actress? You've got the green light to wow on that stage.

Lifelong friends from all over the world

Meet your fellow counsellors from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and more... handy if you ever need a place to crash while travelling!

Craic on tap

We mean banter. Of course. It's an experience fuelled by silliness, by acting like a big kid yourself and by having the time of your life. And actually getting paid for it!

No cash woes

We'll cover your return flights*, your insurance and your Sevis fee. Plus we'll give you a parting gift of up to $1200 to fund that epic road trip.

Camp USA

Heading to Camp this Summer? Here’s What to Expect!

August 29th, 2019by Danu McGowan
Heading to Camp this Summer? Here’s What to Expect!

If you’re getting ready to head off to Camp USA for the first time. Here’s what to expect over the next 3 months…

You’ll Make Friends For Life 

At your first week of camp, you’ll have your orientation and induction. This is the week that you get to know everyone like the other Camp Counsellors and  Group Leaders before the campers arrive. You’ll meet all these other people just like you who have decided to go on this incredible journey too.  You’ll become friends for life with some of them. The bond made by Camp is a very special one. You work with these people and spend your days off hanging out with them.  So, at the end of the summer, you really miss them.

Girls hugging at Camp USA

You’ll Learn Tonnes Of New Skills

Archery, windsurfing,  photography, horseback riding, music, orienteering, cooking and daily life skills. The list goes on and on.  Plus,  you’ve got the whole summer to perfect them all. You will learn to become very independent, minding other people’s children will do this to you.  Your parents won’t know what hit them when you’re home.  You’ll be a much better version of yourself and everyone around you will notice.

Windsurfing at Summer Camp

Your Day Will Be Action Packed

All camps are different but in a nutshell, your day is spent doing various activities; colour runs, arts and crafts, swimming, boating, go-karts, drama, adventures, climbing walls, zip-lines, archery and tonnes more. You’ll either be teaching a sport or hobby to a number of kids and groups throughout the day and you’ll move around to different activities throughout the week.  And, you’ll get a serious tan working outdoors all day!

Tug of War at Summer Camp

You’ll Realise Your Leadership Qualities

Being a camp counsellor allows you to be a positive influence and role model. You’ll have a hand in offering guidance for a child’s future. You may see qualities in them that no one else sees.  And encourage them to grow and be brave.  You will learn a lot more about yourself as a leader. You’ll actually learn a lot more about yourself as a person.

You’ll Broaden Your Horizons

Everyone knows that travel is the one thing you can buy that actually makes you richer.  Working at Camp you’ll meet so many people from all different races and backgrounds.  You’ll begin to realise that you’re preconceptions of different nationalities have been wrong. You’ll open your heart and mind and build your character.  After a summer at Camp, you will be a bigger person and the world will seem smaller and more like your oyster.

You get to Explore The USA for 30 days after Camp

You’ve had the summer of a lifetime already at camp and now you have a whole month to explore the USA! The only question is where are you gonna visit? San Fran? L.A?  Chicago? The list is endless, it’s a tough decision but a great one to have to make.  Even if you don’t get to visit all the USA locations you wanted, there’s always next year.  Camp is always open to Returners for a second, third and fourth Summer Camp.

American Classic car at Hollywood sign

Sounds like you’re in for the summer of a lifetime, right? So what are you waiting for, contact our Camp USA Team today and get yourself Stateside!


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