Camp USA Programme

This is going to be the best experience of your life.

Whether or not you’ve heard the stories, you’re guaranteed something one of a kind. Camp is magical, but every summer is different. It’s two months of fun and freedom in a totally unique environment; camp is a million miles away from home, and its own little world. The experience is different for everyone, but you will find a new side of yourself at camp. Never thought you were a morning person, could tell a story, or organize a battle?

Welcome to summer camp.

“Going to camp is the best decision I've ever made.”

- Ciara

The Job

We hire people for two different jobs, Camp Counsellors and Support Staff. It’s your choice which job you want. As a counsellor, your main job is to make camp a fun, friendly, and safe environment for campers. It’s probably the only work you’ll ever do where your job description is to have fun. You’ll either be hired as an activity instructor or a general counsellor, depending on your skills and preferences. A camp counsellor is a jack-of-all-trades, and no two days will be the same. If you’d prefer to be support staff, we can find a job for you working behind the scenes.

Activity Instructors

As an Activity Instructor, you’ll spend every day doing what you love. Your job will be to teach a particular skill, and camps cover some really unusual hobbies- the more niche the better. Do you do archery? Art? Blacksmithing, theatre, waterskiing or something you thought you’d never have a practical use for? If you have a skill, there’s a good chance that a camp is hiring for it.

General Counsellors

General Counsellors do a bit of everything. From helping your campers write letters home to checking in to make sure everyone’s getting on, you’re the friend, mentor, role model and superhero to your group of kids.

What You Get

Whether you work as a camp counsellor or a member of support staff, at the end of the summer you’ll have loads to show for it.

  • It’s great for your CV. Leadership, team work, thriving in a fast-pace environment- the skills you gain in summer camp really impress employers
  • Couches to crash on all over the world. You’ll make friends that are closer than family from every corner of the globe and all walks of life.
  • Experience America. This is the way to do America, and the road trips, day trips, and inside jokes will teach you more about the culture than a US passport
  • Cash! Your room and board is covered at camp, so you can potentially bring home all of your earnings. Or spend it all travelling across the US after camp.

At the end of the season, adventure still awaits!

For up to 30 days after camp, you can travel all across the US. The Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, or the hot beaches in Miami, this is the chance to do all those things on your bucket list.