Read what some past counsellors had to say about the programme!


Camp is amazing - it’s a feeling like no other. You build relationships with different people and create these truly unbelievable memories that you’ll have forever. Camp is the only place you can become a kid again, where the outside world doesn't matter, where the extraordinary world takes over.

- Christoper


Being a camp counsellor allows you to act silly without care, be a positive influence and role model, as well as give guidance for a child's future. You may see qualities in them that no one else sees. You are free to have fun in the sun but also learn more about yourself as a leader.

- Colleen


Working as a camp counsellor has been the best and most rewarding experience of my life. You get to visit America and have a job that allows you to have tons of fun at the same time. You get to teach kids new skills that they never thought they could do!

- David

If you ask any of my class mates what has Ailish spoken about most in the past month, they will probably respond 'Camp' or 'Ultimate Frisbee' (which I discovered this summer over there and due to a small obsession have joined the club in University since then)! I probably have never been so content for such a long period of time! What a way to spend a summer... the memories and friends I made will last me a lifetime.

- Ailish

I enjoyed every second of camp this summer.

- Rebecca

Best experience of my life.

- Phoebe

You really feel like a kid again! I tell everyone I meet about my summers and tell them to stop thinking about it and just do it! :)

- Cathy

Being outside in the glorious sunshine, interacting with children, working with new found best friends from all over the world, whilst getting to ride horses every day. Best summer of my life.

- Lorraine

Where do I even begin to try and tell you how amazing this summer was... I had only met 3 of the people going briefly and I knew absolutely nobody really. But from the time I got on that bus in Newark I knew it was going to be fine. My friends from camp are like my family! I got to see real America as well as the tourist spots, and I got to do a job I love with colleagues I love and with some of the most amazing children to teach. I am so thankful I took this opportunity and I am definitely going back to camp next summer again!!

- Katie