Ready for a challenge?

Course you are. Ready for some fun? Most def, as they say. Camp USA is your chance to realise your talents, to practice skills you’d forgotten you had, and to have a life-changing experience over 8 weeks of All-American Good Times.

You’ll find yourself leading campfire stories, organising battles, manning ziplines and maybe even becoming a morning person! You’ll leave camp having made friends for life, by sharing an experience that no one else can understand. Because you need to be there to get it.


The Job

As a counsellor, your main job is to make camp a fun, friendly and safe environment for campers. So basically, you have fun and make sure others do, too!

Got a special skill to dazzle us with? Then we might take you on as an activity instructor. You could also be offered a role as a general counsellor, where you'll lead your campers to different activities throughout the day. Whatever you do, no two days will be quite the same – but each one will be a great one!

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The Requirements

You don’t need to be a teacher, or even a student, to be part of the Camp USA team. Anyone between 18 and 30 can apply, as long as you're available from June to August and love working with kids. (You can still register if you’re 17, but you must turn 18 before June 1st, 2019.)

The Bonus

As if the deal wasn’t sweet enough, we’ll sweeten it further. We’ll give you a bonus at the end of camp – typically between $800 and $1350. That cash will come in pretty handy for your 30 days of US travel, whether you’re getting starstruck in LA or getting lucky in Vegas! (We mean in the casinos. Of course.)


The Types of Camp

Where you’ll be working depends on your personality, preferences and skills. We have traditional and adventure summer camps that offer a bit of everything – think The Parent Trap with less of the pranks. (Hopefully.)

We also recruit for some amazing speciality camps, which focus on a particular activity like performing arts or soccer, to nourish and encourage the kids’ skills early on. Finally we have camps for disadvantaged children, camps for adults and kids with special needs, plus scout camps that focus on survival skills. Bear Grylls, eat your heart out…

There’s a lot on offer but we’ll make sure you’re placed in an environment that best fits you. And whatever camp you join, you’re looking at two months of fun and freedom, in that warm American sunshine. Hello, new tanned you!

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The Post-Camp Adventure

Your shiny US visa lasts for another month after camp lets out. So once you’ve dried your eyes after saying goodbye to your campers, it’s time to hit the road. (We recommend Route 66. It’s a good one.)

Take silly selfies with the Statue of Liberty. Live on the edge at the Grand Canyon (but don’t get too close). Check out the jazz scene in New Orleans. Bring the adventure with you, wherever you go. (And don’t forget to play the Irish card – they’ll love you for it!)

After 2 months of hard work, this is your chance to let loose. Your flight is flexible, so enjoy the freedom of indecision! Oh, and we’ll give you a 10% discount on all post-camp travel packages, too. Sweet.

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