Types of Summer Camps

What type of camp will you be working at? It depends on your personality, preferences and skills. Most counsellors work in traditional camps- think Meatballs, the Parent Trap and Wet Hot American Summer. They have loads of different activities, and often hundreds of campers and staff. We also recruit for some amazing specialty camps, which focus on a particular activity, like performing arts or soccer. We also have camps for special needs, disadvantaged children, or camps that focus on survival skills.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all camps are incredibly fun, and you’ll be placed with one that’s a good fit for you.

“I loved every second of it!!”

- Rebecca

Traditional Summer Camp

Traditional summer camps are usually quite large, and can be all-girls, all-boys, or co-ed. Many are Christian or Jewish, although the staff isn’t required to be. Expect lots of water sports, land sports, and arts. The traditional camps we work with often have a really broad range of activities, and include circus, magic, orienteering, and theatre programmes.

Special Needs

Special Needs camps cater to campers with all types of disabilities. To be a counsellor in a Special Needs camp, previous experience working or volunteering in a similar environment is beneficial, although it’s not essential. Special Needs camps often have both kids and adults, and they’re looking for counsellors who are flexible, patient, and caring.

Disadvantaged Youth Camps

These camps cater for kids from tough backgrounds, and the campers come from low-income families. They’re run by charities, but the experience and activities are similar to traditional summer camps. It’s one of the most rewarding camp experiences, but it takes a lot of hard work and empathy.

Girl Scout/Boy Scout

A summer at a Boy Scout or Girl Scout camp is a totally authentic camp experience. Girl Scout and Boy Scout camps offer the same range of activities that traditional camps do, but also teach survival skills and self-reliance. So after horseback riding, sailing and rock climbing, you’ll be building fires, having cookouts, and pitching tents.


Specialty camps focus on a particular skill and are among the most exclusive camps we work with. Campers are often very high-level and enthusiastic about their hobby, and they’re looking for counsellors with a lot of experience and passion. Specialty camps typically focus on the performing arts, although we also work with a number of science, equestrian, and film camps.

Adventure Camps

Adventure camps are a lot like traditional camps, except with a more niche range of activities. In addition to the traditional camp activities, you can expect caving, go-karting, white water kayaking, and movie stunts. You don’t need an unusual skill to work at an adventure camp, but it doesn’t hurt.